#ThrowbackThursday : Charlie Bartlett – Back To School

As everyone gets back in the School Spirit this Fall, we revisit this classic Throwback Soundtrack to Charlie Bartlett,  featuring score by Christophe Beck, who also composed the score for Runner Runner, coming out October 1st!  Also featuring songs from the movie by Hard-Fi, Curtis Mayfield, Spiral Beach, Kat Dennings, and Tom Freund– and dialog from the movie!  Get it at the links below.



1. Charlie’s Monologue – Dialog
2. Charlie’s Theme – Christophe Beck
3. 3. Tennis – Christophe Beck
4. Unnecessary Trouble – Hard-FI
5. Visiting Hours – Christophe Beck
6. Selling DVDs – Christophe Beck
7. Charlie & Shrinks – Dialog
8. Pusherman – Curtis Mayfield
9. Jazz It Up – Christophe Beck
10. Prescription Flush – Christophe Beck
11. Cameras Going Up – Christophe Beck
12. First Kiss – Christophe Beck
13. Oh Yeah – The Subways
14. Kip Overdoses – Christophe Beck
15. Voodoo – Spiral Beach
16. Passing Notes – Christophe Beck
17. This Is A School, Not A Prison – Christophe Beck
18. New Clouds – Spiral Beach
19. Gardner Hits Bottom – Christophe Beck
20. Day OK – Spiral Beach
21. Seat On this Train – Tom Freund
22. You’re Not Alone – Christophe Beck
23. Dr. Bartlett – Christophe Beck
24. Sing Out – Kat Dennings

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