I, Frankenstein – Soundtrack Album Tracklisting

We revealed the album cover to the I, Frankenstein Soundtrack yesterday- now here is the official track listing.

I, Frankenstein (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Various Artists

BY MAKER is Geno Lenardo & Daniel Davies

01. Misgiving – By Maker
02. Trouble – By Maker
03. 1 By 1 – By Maker
04. Perennial Flow – By Maker
05. Gimme Soul – By Maker
06. By Maker – By Maker
07. Way Down – By Maker
08. After All – By Maker
09. Possessions Mine – By Maker
10. Ascension – By Maker
11. Scream Where My Heart Should Be – 8mm
12. Feed Me More – Justin Lassen
13. Frankenstein – Geno Lenardo feat. Prashant Aswani


Featuring new music from BY MAKER (feat. Geno Lenardo and Daniel Davies) plus 3 special bonus tracks.

Pre-Order it starting December 17th.  Album available January 7th.


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