Instagram Posts : Blades Of Glory #bobice, #willferrell, #winter, #iceskating #comedy

A blast from our past! How much fun is this? Remember the Bo Bice music video for “Blades Of Glory” from the film “Blades of Glory”? We do!


01. Blades of Glory _ Bo Bice
02. The Stroke _ Billy Squier
03. Good Vibrations _ Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch
04. Hot Blooded _ Foreigner
05. Dance Sucka _ T. Ray
06. Rock You Like A Hurricane _ Scorpions
07. Let’s Get It On _ Marvin Gaye
08. Olympiad _ Fredrick Fennell & The Cleveland Symphonic Winds
09. Slice and Dice _ Theodore Shapiro
10. Snow Cones _ Theodore Shapiro
11. Blades Of Glory _ Theodore Shapiro
12. Xanadu _ Olivia Newton-John


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