Updated: Make Your Move – Music Video

UPDATE: Lakeshore Records will not be releasing this album. Please go to makeyourmovefilm.com for updates.

Make Your Move Soundtrack featuring Derek Hough and others!

Pictured: behind-the-scenes photos from the official music video shoot with Derek Hough.

IMG_1012 IMG_0949 IMG_1003


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  2. DerekFan

    RT @ErinKDillon Feb 6
    in the studio with director @duaneadler and @derekhough pic.twitter.com/DrH23dgRMj

    RT creative control ‏@cre8ve_ctrl Feb 7
    In the studio w @derekhough & @duaneadler yesterday shooting video for “Let Me In” which he cowrote 4 @MYMTheMovie pic.twitter.com/MATukO27dl

    LakeshoreRecs: instagram.com/p/kQf3CvD5yN/

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