‘Waiting For Lightning’ Composer Nathan Furst Scores ‘Need For Speed’

For all the racing enthusiasts and fast-paced action film lovers, Need For Speed starring Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul, is out this weekend in theaters.  Based on the video game by the same name, the film is scored by Composer Nathan Furst, who also scored Lakeshore RecordsWaiting For Lightning sound track.  Waiting For Lightning, a documentary about visionary skateboarder Danny Way is on a list of action films scored by Furst which involve tales of determination and pushing the limits of man’s capabilities (“Act Of Valor” and “Dust To Glory”).  Fun fact: both Need For Speed and Waiting For Lightning involve a helicopter and an amazing stunt.

Waiting For Lightning Nathan Furst Composer

Download Waiting For Lightning (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

iTunes: http://bit.ly/WaitingForLightningOST | Amazon: http://amzn.to/1i9PhM8

Go to our Composer Interviews page to read about who scores our soundtracks!

In the age of CGI, what makes Need For Speed stand out are the lack of special effects and the presence of real-life, death defying stunts.  Check out the Need For Speed trailer:


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