The Spectacular Now’s Shailene Woodley Stands Out In ‘Divergent’

Out this weekend: The Spectacular Now‘s Shailene Woodley stars in Divergent, a futuristic thriller set in the dystopian version of Chicago. People who do not fit into a distinct faction based on certain human virtues are marked “Divergent” and considered a threat to society.  Based on the books by Veronica Roth, the film is expected to land the #1 spot over the weekend.  After this weekend, do you think Shailene is going to be the new “It Girl” of the silver screen?

Shailene Woodley stars in The Spectacular Now

We love how Shailene represents the exuberence of youth and the un-jaded heart in both films.  Film score composer Rob Simonsen captures the essence of all the emotions of young love and living in the now for The Spectacular Now album.  Check out the soundtrack.  We think she’s a keeper.

Download The Spectacular Now Score By Rob Simonsen:


Download The Spectacular Now Soundtrack (More Music From The Motion Picture):


Watch the trailer for ‘Divergent’:

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