Happy Birthday! Watch Two Uma Thurman Movies We Love

Happy birthday, Uma Thurman!  Today, we celebrate this versatile actress by recognizing two movie soundtracks released by Lakeshore Records: Ceremony (watch it on Amazon) and My Super Ex-Girlfriend (watch it on Amazon).  Both films star Thurman in two very different roles.  From comedy to drama to scifi films, this statuesque beauty can do it all.  Ceremony features a score by Eric D. Johnson (of The Shins) and a track from Pete Townshend and Ringo Starr.  My Super Ex-Girlfriend features music by various artists including Fatboy Slim and Fine Young Cannibals.

Lakeshore Records: Happy Birthday Uma Thurman

In Ceremony, Uma Thurman plays Zoe, the object of her ex-boyfriend’s desire.  Ex-boyfriend Sam (played by Michael Angarano), tries to win back Zoe’s heart at her fiancé’s beachside estate.  Thurman is “G-Girl” in My Super Ex-Girlfriend.  Her obsession with her ex-boyfriend (played by Luke Wilson) causes her to get out of control in super ways.

Download the Album! Ceremony: Download | Buy CD


Download the Album! My Super Ex-Girlfriend: Download | Buy CD

Lakeshore Records: Uma Thurman in My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Do you like these soundtracks?  Let us know what you think in the comments below!



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