Lakeshore Records Pick Of The Week: ‘Gamer’ Soundtrack – Movie Stars Gerard Butler

This week, we select Gamer, a Lakeshore Records movie soundtrack with music by Robert Williamson and Geoff Zanelli.  Williamson and Zanelli constructs a futuristic gladiator-meets ultimate gamer music album.  It’s hard not to get into the action when epic guitar riffs, deep drones and disturbing metallic samples serve as the audio play-by-play in this story about beating the odds in a Dystopian society.

Lakeshore Records: Gamer Soundtrack Starring Gerard Butler

Kable, a prisoner in the future (played by Gerard Butler) must fight for survival while a murderous computer programmer (played by Michael C. Hall), plots to game his real-life shoot ’em up game by having Kable killed off.  Gamer (watch on Amazon): badass music paired with fierce action is a win-win.

Download the Album! Gamer: Download | Buy CD

Watch the interview with Composer Robert Williamson:

Enjoyed this interview?  Go to the Lakeshore Records Composer Interviews page for more.

What do you think of the soundtrack?  Share your thoughts below!







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