Now On iTunes: Download The ‘Gambit’ Soundtrack | Score By Rolfe Kent

Out now: download your copy of the new Lakeshore Records soundtrack, Gambit, from the movie starring Alan Rickman (Nobel Son), Colin Firth (Emperor) and Cameron Diaz (Focus Features 10: Sex Tape).  Scored by Rolfe Kent (Reign Over Me) and original songs by Robby Armstrong, the album exudes class and a sense of upbeat comedic rhythm reminiscent of films from decades past.  Is this a modern remake of the 1966 film by the same name?  Watch Gambit (watch it on vudu) and decide for yourself.  The music itself has a timeless quality that you will want to maintain on your regular playlist.

Lakeshore Records: 'Gambit' Soundtrack

What happens when a high-level art collector (Colin Firth) decides to hire a rodeo queen (Cameron Diaz) to help rob his ridiculously wealthy and charming boss (Alan Rickman)?

Download The Album! Gambit 

Track Listings

Various Artists

01. Rodeo – Robby Armstrong

02. Smokin & Drinkin – Robby Armstrong

03. Birthday Happy – Robby Armstrong

04. Once – Peggy Lee

05. Deep in the Heart of Texas – Moe Brandy

06. Gambit Overture – Rolfe Kent

07. I Have a Plan – Rolfe Kent

08. The Auction – Rolfe Kent

09. Harry’s Fantasy Appraisal – Rolfe Kent

10. The Waiting Room – Rolfe Kent

11. The Savoy _ Ming Vase – Rolfe Kent

12. Harry on the Ledge – Rolfe Kent

13. PJ Gets Personal – Rolfe Kent

14. Harry Meets the Lion – Rolfe Kent

15. Zaidenweber Inspects – Rolfe Kent

16. Harry Exposes the Fake – Rolfe Kent

17. Meanwhile – Rolfe Kent




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